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Different Kinds Of Escorts

Different Kinds Of Escorts

We all know what the word escort means. It refers to the people who offer sexual services for money. There are no second thoughts about the fact that the predominant population knows what an escort is. But that is just the crust if they look at the core; there is a lot that they need to know.

Escorts can actually be classified based on the services that they offer, and there are five types of escorts. In this article, we will see the types in detail.

The Niche Escort

The niche escort is the most common type of escorts. These escorts advertise their services to get their clients. If the advertising process is carried out properly, they will never run out of clients. The rates of these escorts are a bit high when compared to rest. It is because they need to spend hours together for a single client and their services take a lot both physically and mentally. Even though some manage to attend more than one client per day for most of them, it is a difficult task.

The Blue Collar Companion

The blue-collar companions are one of the popular ones and at the same time the underappreciated people in the escort business. They are really hard working people and make sure to satisfy their clients. There is a lot of competition when it comes to this particular category of escorts. Even advertising as a blue-collar companion will not fetch many leads. Their lives can be a bit hard, and for most of them, the money that they make will be enough to meet their ends. Most of them get their work from the agencies. They will have a mix of customers of all ages.

The highly intelligent companion

As the name state, these escorts will have higher IQ. They are either educated or just highly knowledgeable. These escorts have the ability to manage their own clients and do not have to depend on the agencies for their business. Since they are bit intellectual, they can impress businessmen easily. They provide sexual services at the same time will also accompany them for some business meetings. A combination of captivating looks and brains is something that every man will love.

The part-time escorts

These part-time escorts provide their services to just two or three clients per day. They do it either because they do not have sufficient or to make some extra money to enjoy their lives. Most of these escorts do not advertise to get business. They get their clients from their social circle and contacts.

Sugar babies


Sugar babies are not essentially escorts, but they do render their services for money which technically makes them escorts. Sugar babies are referred to girls of young age who are completely dependent on the rich older men. Their entire life is taken care of by the rich old men, and in return, they provide all kinds of services that they demand.

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