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Escorts Maintaining Their Figure

Escorts Maintaining Their Figure

Just like how it is in the world of modelling, a person’s figure plays a significant role in being successful in the industry. Nowadays there are plus-sized models, but the same can’t be said to escorts. Escorts are highly priced as they provide services that hookers cant provide. Escorts have an image to maintain. Most clients are not interested in plus sized escorts.

It is a harsh truth that every escort has to face. So even if they are a little overweight, they will find a slump in their business. Many say looks don’t matter, but looks are important when it comes to the concept of attraction. Most men are attracted to women with a perfect body and most men who gay are attracted to men who have abs and an average or bigger sized penis. So when the world expects escorts to have a perfect body, escorts do indeed have to put a lot of effort into their appearance. I interviewed 2 escorts, one male and one female and this is what they had to say about their fitness routine.

Escort 1: Male

I am 24 years old, and I see a minimum of 5 clients a week, I prefer to take weekends off. Every weekend I go on a hike, alone, most of the time. That indeed burns off most of the junk that I eat during the weekdays. When my clients take me out to dinners or lunches, I don’t exactly strap on the ol’ feed bag, because I know we would be having sex later on. Plus; I work out every day for at least 2 hours in the gym. I do not take any performance-enhancing pills; in the gym and in the bedroom. I feel those can help you out presently but will surely bite you in the butt later on. Staying in shape is indeed crucial in the escort industry, my clients love my abs, and most of them tell me they like a man with a fit body.

Escort 2: Female

I follow a properly maintained and planned out a diet that does not allow me to eat any sort of junk, except on one day which is called a ‘cheat day’. I also follow the intermittent fasting schedule which regulates the amount of food I eat in a day and also the number of hours I consume it in. Yoga, spin fit and Zumba classes are also a huge part of my day. Since these are majorly cardio centred, I don’t spend much time doing cardio in the gym. I concentrate on toning my legs and pelvic muscles. I also follow a workout routine and a skin care routine that keeps me fit and healthy with radiant skin. Having all of these together has allowed me to enjoy a wide variety of wealthy clients.

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